Announcing a new book Thinking of Building a Digital Operating Model with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure? Ask the Smart Questions

The book commissioned by Microsoft Corporation was launched November 4th 2019 at Microsoft Ignite Orlando where 2000 copies were distributed to delegates. You didn’t get one? Well, no problem – click here and scroll to the bottom of the web page displayed to download the book (for free) from

The book is 225 pages organised in two parts. Part 1 for the Business Team (non-technical). Part 2 for the technologists (technical). Want the book in hard copy? Click here to go to Amazon.

Going full steam ahead with adoption of cloud services? Great. Do you know the questions to ask, so you get the answers you need? Who is sharing experience with you on your journey? Don’t leave it to chance as too much is at stake.

The author team write for Smart Questions – for people who want smart questions not dumb answers!

On May 28th 2020, Microsoft launched a new website for Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and it looks great! Click here to view all resources.