What’s the big deal?

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.

What is it?

It is shared best practice of the global Microsoft community for the delivery of Azure services. Actually it is more than that. It is the whole journey from ‘what’s the deal with Azure and is it relevant to our business?’ through ‘there it is doing an important job for our business’.

Why is it important?

The book was written to share the ‘need to know’ when considering Azure services. Whether you are a Microsoft partner or a Microsoft customer, you will have different considerations. In either case, there is a need to know; why, who, what and how. Many questions arise and the purpose of the book is to get those questions on the table.

What do you need to know?

That depends on your role in an organisation. Everyone should be familiar with the purpose of the Framework and expert in those aspects specific to their role. Read ‘Who should read the book? to know why.